The Jet-Lagged Week: A Reflection

This week was crazy, I flew in from Denver from a Chemistry conference on Thursday. I’ve been jet lagged and confused but have managed to get my work done!

I did 3 video assignments totaling 14.5 stars. I did the conversation with myself, the special person montage, and the 30 second documentary.I also completed the interview with Dr. Groom.

I did 3 daily creates: Tree Art, Fingerprint Art, and Talking to Strangers.

I’ve been more active this week on my twitter account, follow me!

I decided for my final unit I would prefer to work in a group. But, if necessary I can go solo.

I saw a lot of work by other people. I commented on 10 posts total: Amanda’s fingerprint art, Stella’s post about picking up Kelsey’s Daily Creates,  Stella’s choice to continue working with the characters in her radio group, Eden’s PSA, Edie’s A Day In The Life, responded to Lexy’s comment on my post criticizing me for my use of google images (how was I supposed to hold on to my family pictures for 70 years!?!), inquired about Shelley’s Interview video, saw Landon’s beautifully photoshopped tree art, encouraged Phillip’s group work, and saw a few more great daily creates by Amanda.

Here’s to miraculously getting this week done!


The Voice in My Head that Keeps Me Going

Everyone has their own little voice in their head that motivates them or un-motivates them. It’s why some people are more productive than others. This is what a typical day at work in my head sounds like. I have to keep pushing forward. And more importantly remember why. The voice in my head that motivates me is in green, while my actual self is in the lab coat. I edited these two parts of me to share with you in iMovie and added effects to make a clear distinction. This falls under the conversation with yourself video assignment



Interviewed by Dr. Groom

This week, I met a curious man. I believe he’s July’s professor for this online class she has going on. He had a lot of questions. Initially it reminded me of kindergarten cop. But I answered all his questions and got this interview knocked out. I used iMovie to stream his questions and my responses into a cohesive piece.


Group or solo?

I’ve been thinking over working in a group or going solo. I’ve been a little behind this week since the conference in Denver took up most my time. by personality, I prefer to work solo but the radio shows did go really well and I was really pleased with what my group was able to accomplish. I’ve reached out to them, but so far I’ve only heard back from Savanna. So, if I end up working with her, great! But if needed I can go on solo.

The Special People in My Life

This week, I took sometime to reflect on the special people in my life. I decided to take these memories and make a montage of them using iMovie. I couldn’t find pictures of me per say… But I found images of young girls who’s emotions reflect mine. The people who are important to me have shifted throughout my life. From my mom and dad, to just my dad and then finally the big change to my aunt and uncle who took me in in the United States.

Lights, Camera, Action: A Reflection

First off I finished off the radio show requirements. I submitted my last radio listen reflection on the Vixen’s Ventures. Great work guys! I also submitted my final radio reflection on my show. I loved working with my group. They were truly fantastic and I loved the final product we created.

I then started getting into Video. I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious after reading the How to Read a Movie article. I also watched the three recommended videos. I started off my video assignments with the Silent Era trailer video assignment for 4.5 stars. I was planning to finish off my video assignments on Saturday but due to conflicts that came up with the conference we left for I was unable to. I’m hoping next week I’ll be able to catch up some.

I completed 1 daily create, the dream staircase assignment simply because I ran out of time this week.

I also submitted my character’s category on my blog to the website specified. Here’s the link again!

And here’s to another week down!

Perks of Being a Wallflower: The Silent Film

This week for one of my video assignments I did the Return To The Silent Era assignment. This one was a lot of fun. I chose my one of my favorite movies, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I liked the feel of the film a lot and when I was going through the trailers this one stuck out for me. I took out parts that I felt did not belong in the silent film era. And then edited the rest to make the video silent, black and white, and a couple other minor effects that I felt added to the trailer. I did all of this in iMovie. Fun first project!

Got a Clue: The Final Reflection

Wow, I can’t believe that the radio show is done. I loved getting to see what others in the class created and the all and all the process was pretty rewarding. I loved how we were really able to develop each of our characters and add another layer to them. It was also really neat to see how the different people edited their audio parts, it really helped shape the characters and add more to their dialogue.

Honestly, there is not much I would have done differently if given the chance to recreate this radio show. It would have been nice to sit down and work together in person but I felt we were plenty successful without that.

I would recommend that future students don’t fret over not being able to meet. It’s possible to work around it. I think the amount of writing we did in advance really helped contribute to the quality of our overall product. Which we may not have done as much of if it weren’t for the challenges we faced.

Finally, listening to the show was fantastic. I loved seeing the final product and how it came out. Additionally, the overwhelming amount of support we got on twitter was truly fantastic. I loved that people really loved our show. It made all the stress worth it! It really made me feel a sense of community in ds106. And Tiffany and I convinced Dr. Groom to do Karaoke which was 100% worth it! So much fun!

Vixen’s Ventures: A Listen

The intro to the show was very cool. The audio work they did was truly impressive. The sound effects were so incredibly realistic and well done. I loved listening to all the layers they made. Knowing how long editing takes the sheer amount of work done is impressive.

I also like how they took the show a different way and made it comedic as opposed to most of the other noir radio shows which were more death death and oh some more death. The advertisements added to the fun factor of this radio show. They were well done and really cute. I loved the old-timey feel they gave too!

I did wish that the voices were heard a little more clearly over the background music and noises (particularly in the beginning) because it was a little difficult to understand the dialogue sometimes. And I think the placement of ads could have been a little more well thought out because I got really confused about what was happening in the story.

All and all, I think the Vixen’s Ventures did an amazing job and had a ton of work to show for what they did. It was a lot of fun to listen to! I loved that they took their show a different way and were very successful in doing so!