Creating a Logo

I also made time to create a logo from Aconitum.Napellus this week. I drew inspiration from a ds106 design assignment, The Ultimate Merger (which is rated at 4.5 stars). I chose to use Fisher Scientific’s logo set up, seen below:



I mimicked the fonts and colors to create my own logo for Aconitum.Napellus. All work was done in a word document so that I could compare the sizes and styles of the fonts as well as have proper alignment. The final image was saved as a screenshot. I plan to use this image throughout my webpage, and it is currently featured on The Mission Statement page.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 12.32.23 PM

My resume

I decided to add my resume to my webpage. It can be found under the staff page. I drew inspiration to upload my resume from the ds106 web assignment: character resume (which is rated at 3 stars). The resume is really rather self-explanatory. It describes my previous work and education experience. I’ve mostly worked in industry. For a couple years I chose to teach high school which turned out to be a horrible decision which is why I only taught for two years. My education is not as extensive as I wish it could be but my years of experience in the science industry make up for that.

Here is the resume, if you’d like a copy: Isabelle Franklin_Resume

The Voice in My Head that Keeps Me Going

Everyone has their own little voice in their head that motivates them or un-motivates them. It’s why some people are more productive than others. This is what a typical day at work in my head sounds like. I have to keep pushing forward. And more importantly remember why. The voice in my head that motivates me is in green, while my actual self is in the lab coat. I edited these two parts of me to share with you in iMovie and added effects to make a clear distinction. This falls under the conversation with yourself video assignment



The Special People in My Life

This week, I took sometime to reflect on the special people in my life. I decided to take these memories and make a montage of them using iMovie. I couldn’t find pictures of me per say… But I found images of young girls who’s emotions reflect mine. The people who are important to me have shifted throughout my life. From my mom and dad, to just my dad and then finally the big change to my aunt and uncle who took me in in the United States.

Perks of Being a Wallflower: The Silent Film

This week for one of my video assignments I did the Return To The Silent Era assignment. This one was a lot of fun. I chose my one of my favorite movies, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I liked the feel of the film a lot and when I was going through the trailers this one stuck out for me. I took out parts that I felt did not belong in the silent film era. And then edited the rest to make the video silent, black and white, and a couple other minor effects that I felt added to the trailer. I did all of this in iMovie. Fun first project!

Inspired: Tiffany’s Radio Bumper

I had to include this as one of my inspired posts because I love Tiffany‘s audio work. She did an incredible job putting our radio show together. What first inspired me about Tiffany’s work, however, was hearing her radio bumper the first time I did my radio tweet-along. It sounded professionally done and really pushed me to try to get to that level in my audio assignments.

Inspired: Shut up Tom

This week I collaborated with Aubrey Howland for our character collaboration project. We ended up creating a story and she’s really great to work with. While looking through her blog, this post really jumped out at me. This post really inspires me because I saw this assignment and it definitely intimidated me but Aubrey nailed it! It was simple but also felt very inviting and gave insight to the dinner table at Aubrey’s house.