Inspired: Where’s Groom?

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I love this visual assignment created by Amanda Layton! I regularly see the work she posts on the noir106 feed and I think it’s really fantastic. I liked this post because it was a clever way to tie into the events that occurred in that week’s weekly video. It’s simple and entertaining. The font chosen adds a sense of concern and confusion that overlaid with the where’s waldo page looks great!

Edie and Isabelle’s Trip!

This week I had the pleasure of working with Aubrey Howland. We decided to knock out two assignments: a writing one which actually describes in depth what our visual assignment depicts.

The visual assignment we chose to do was the Story Map for 4 stars. Check it out here!

Our story is based around our two characters: Edie and Isabelle Franklin. Edie is a bar tender with murderous tendencies and Isabelle is a scientist who’s just trying to make things right in the world even though she goes about it the wrong ways.

We tried to figure out how the two characters would interact if they actually met and go from there. They took issue with the way Prince Jasper treated his people and Andorra and travelled there to set the record straight.

Most of the pictures for the word map were found on google. Most are the actual images of the places Edie and Isabelle travelled to or are representative of the people Edie encountered as the trip occurs from her perspective.

A Quote A Day!

I only had one star left to do for my audio assignment so I chose an easy assignment- the “Based on 1-Quote-A-Day Project” audio assignment for 1.5 stars. I really liked this assignment just because I already had a great quote picked out! I usually find a quote to serve as motivation to get me through the day especially on super busy days where I know I need to stay focused and keep going. I’ve had this quote sitting at the bottom of my to do list for a while so I chose to use it!

“Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence and the downward spiral begins.” -Charles Stanley

This was a quick easy assignment just to finish things off for the week!

Isabelle’s Theme Song

Earlier this week, I tried to do a theme song for Isabelle for 4 stars. I ran into some copyright issues and thought I guess I just shouldn’t do this… But I still felt really inspired by the incredible job Tiffany, one of my group member’s, did with her character’s theme song so I decided I’m going to try again! I also thought it might be possible to work it in with our radio show so I decided to go for it!

Soundcloud is currently processing it so hopefully I won’t run in to the same issues as I did earlier this week. I chose to mostly pull from Lana Del Ray’s album “Born to Die.” The intros to her songs have beautiful instrumentation at the beginning. I felt the opening of her song “Born to Die” captured Isabelle’s mature nature and taste. I then also used the opening of “Video Games [Joy Orbison Remix]” to create a sense of rushing that accompanies Isabelle as she rushes betweens labs to get her work done. I then used several sounds from I found one longer bubbling sound that I overlaid most of the audio with. I used an explosion in the beginning to immediately catch people’s attention and contrast with the instrumental parts that play. Finally, I added another more vigorous bubbling sound. I used fade in and fade out effects to introduce different portions of the theme song. I also adjusted the volume of the various clips so that the sound is well balanced and certain parts wouldn’t dominate too much.

Just Around the Riverbend: A Dramatic Reading (REMIX)

This week one of the possible audio assignments was to a dramatic reading remix for 3.5 stars. I wanted to do this one again about my character, Isabelle. I tried to find a song she could potentially relate to and then make it even more dramatic. She’s a very naturally curious person so my first thoughts were pretty basic: Mr. Curiosity by Jason Mraz and Curiosity by Carly Rae Jepson. When I looked further into the lyrics they’re both extremely romanticized and that’s not really what Isabelle’s focus is. Her interests lie more in pursuit of knowledge, not getting a boyfriend. I poked around the internet further and found Pocahontas’ “Just Around the Riverbend” to be perfect. I cut out one line that was very specific to the movie (her marrying Kocoum) because it doesn’t really relate to Isabelle. Finally, I found some instrumental music on sound cloud and paired it up with my reading of the song (I’ve run into some issues with soundcloud and copyright recently). It lined beautifully to create a call and effect feel. The music ends just before the reading cuts off and creates emphasis on the riverbend and therefore the unknown.

Get A Clue: Design Project

Get a Clue


This week for the design project I tried to go fairly minimalist. I really like the minimalist designs in general because I feel like they’re cleaner and just as powerful if not more so. I took the title of our show “Get a Clue” and started racking my brain for how I could possibly convey this. I decided to go with a magnifying glass. I chose to put a fingerprint in the magnifying glass to serve as a clue. In the magnifying glass I also put the title of our show. I tried to make it stand out. I put emphasis on the clue because I think it’s the most important word in our title. I put it in the Chalkduster font to give it a little sense of mystery and also make it catch the eye more.

Speedy Design Blitz!

Alright, so here’s my design blitz breakdown for you guys. I kind of made an effort to take pictures whenever I could wherever I was this week.


When looking at this poster the thing that struck me most was the color. The pink creates a sense of unity that pops out from the black and white while the yellow provides a contrast to emphasize that thought.


Next up, was this. I’m not sure what struck me so much about this newspaper until I started reading more about the different design techniques. Then it hit me. It’s dominance. The word whurk in the blue circle and the eye patch are fighting for my eye, fighting for dominance of the image and it makes it compelling.

Minimalism and Use of Space

One of the things I treated myself to this weekend to celebrate finishing my week of testing was to go rock climbing. The thing about rock climbing walls is they are a great design of minimalism and use of space. There’s something aesthetically appealing about the walls and the hints of various color but at the end of the day they are very minimalist. They make the most of the space they have to design a challenging wall.


As I mentioned at the start of the post… I nearly forgot about this assignment so I went digging through my phone to find some examples of architecture. The one that immediately jumped out at me was the disney palace. I really liked the sense of rhythm it created. It simultaneously repeats and alters elements of each tour in order to create a cohesive palace.

Saving Professor Groom

saving professor groom

Here is my final 4.5 star design assignment for the week! I chose to do the Professor Groom poster. The idea initially came to me when watching this week’s video giving us our assignments. I immediately thought of saving private ryan. Initially I wanted to photoshop each of the major player’s heads into place of the soldiers in the movie. When things weren’t working out I chose to go in a different direction and have portions of their torsos integrated into the picture and have them connected to show a sense of unity between the four. I tried to use a similar font and mimic the way the movie poster was originally designed. I’m really pleased with how it came out, however, I definitely wish I had more time with photoshop to perfect it. While professor groom is not technically in the picture I think overall it captures the mood in this week’s video and takes it in better direction.

A Curious Child: A Four Icon Story

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.41.41 PMMy third and final character design assignment I chose to do was One Story / Four Icons. It was one of the suggested ones and I already felt like I had an idea of what I could do for it based on the book cover assignment. I chose to emphasize again what would be emphasized in her autobiography. It’s telling the story of her young life. Being born in Britain yet quickly moving to the USA where she began to develop her love of science and foster her curiosity. I chose to use the same title as the book cover simply to carry over the same story. I tried to use all emojis that could be found on a smart phone sort of in tribute to the Vignelli’s reading I completed earlier. I’m telling the story of a person who lived much earlier on through modern techniques: emojis.

Isabelle’s Quote to Live By

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 9.42.54 PMAnother assignment I chose to do was Minimalize Your Philosophy poster for 2.5 stars. I chose to use the quote that I also used on my book cover because it’s a great quote to live by for Isabelle Franklin. It was one of the original quotes I mentioned when beginning to outline who Isabelle Franklin is. The quote is by Marie Curie, one of the most incredible female researchers. Her work means a lot to Isabelle just as this quote does. I had a really hard time coming up with what I wanted to do with in the poster to simply convey the quote. Suddenly it clicked. I wanted to use a person’s silhouette with a thought bubble above the person that contained the quote. When searching through silhouette’s I decided it was important to pay tribute to both my character, Isabelle Franklin, and Marie Curie. I found a quote bubble that fit well with the silhouette I selected and then I put in the quote. I debated between putting the font in white or making it a color to make it pop. I tried both out and decided I liked the white better. I then went through the painful process of selecting a font I actually like. The one I finally chose was in italics and I chose to bold the word “ideas” in order to place more emphasis on the word as it’s the most important thought in the quote.