A Curious Child by Isabelle Franklin

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One of the design assignments I chose to do for this week was for my character, Isabelle Franklin. I chose to do the Autobiography Cover design assignment for 2 stars. I used a picture I actually took for my photo safari assignment of my friend, Kelly, working in the lab. I really liked the angle I used and thought I could incorporate it into Isabelle Franklin’s autobiography cover. I tried to keep the fonts fairly simple and minimalistic. The title is A Curious Child because the autobiography is focused on her childhood- growing up and moving to the United States and how her desire for knowledge developed. I debated including her personal motto but eventually decided to add it to add another layer of interest to the cover. I originally tried to place it on the sleeve of Kelly’s lab coat but upon being unable to format it the way I wanted, I chose to put it between the goggles and the glassware as if Kelly is looking through the quote and focused on the ideas behind what she’s trying to do. I found the placement of this quote to be quite powerful while not distracting from the overall cover.

What’s in Isabelle Franklin’s Bag?

Well, honestly, not much. She tries to keep as organized as possible and in order to stay organized she tries to only carry with her what she absolutely finds necessary. The pen, pencil, and white out is especially important to her. She alway’s is taking notes and jotting down ideas and is a bit of a perfectionist so if she makes a mistake she needs to be able to correct it. More recently however she’s fallen sick. She’s had an upset stomach and a runny nose so she’s taken to carrying around famotidine and tissues. Her runny nose leaves her face chapped so she’s also been carrying around Chapstick to minimize the pain that comes with a chapped face. She carries an apple in hopes that it will remind her to eat, yet night after night she comes home without so much as glancing at the apple. The dime? It’s merely change from an earlier purchase. She’ll put it away as soon as she gets home.

bag assignment

Here’s the required What’s in My Bag Visual Assignment for three stars. This I felt like was one of my weaker photographs but I think the storytelling came through more so than any of my other visual assignments. I wanted to emphasize my character’s minimalist tendencies while also telling the story of how she fell ill. The dime was more of a quirk because we all sometimes end up with something strange in our bag. I began the assignment by relating to the cough I’ve had for the past week and used that to tell a story. I then thought of what would normally be in Isabelle Franklin’s bag. Finally, I was really just trying to complete the square and found a dime which could have it’s own little side story.


Isabelle Franklin in Word Cloud

I did the Word Cloud Visual Assignment for my character, Isabelle Franklin for three stars. She’s very focused on what she does so I tried to really bring out the details that she would find important: the facts. She’s british; she’s an immigrant. I also used descriptors that she would find important such as petite, chemist, serious, curious and focused. I then also included what sorts of things are on her mind most often, her work at Fisher- analysis and articles. I used worditout.com to make my word cloud and I found it fitting that they put the last name followed by the first name. It’s almost clinical: Franklin, Isabelle. I kept switching around the order until the words sandwiched between her name are almost shaped like a comma. I then went down to change the color scheme. I wanted to keep it as clean as she would keep her notes so I chose a plain white background with the font in shades of black and grey. This simple layout keeps the focus on the information- how Isabelle presents herself.

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A Restless Night

Early that morning there was a large crash against the window. Isabelle Franklin sprung out of bed to find nothing in sight other than the huge crack in the fence that surrounded her front lawn. She chose to ignore the racket and attempt to go back to sleep. She laid in bed for hours, waiting her eyes to shut yet they stubbornly refused. She had been waiting for days to find out when her cat, Mr. Nubz, would be discharged from the vet’s office. The funny thing was when she took in Mr. Nubz from one of her employees (a rather frivolous woman), he was merely a burden. A sexless cat who was losing tufts of hair had no interest in anything or anyone. The unfortunate hair loss caused Mr. Nubz skin to be red and irritated, and sometimes reminded Isabelle of a baboon which caused her to chuckle. She finally fell back asleep only to wake up again to the sound of her alarm. She immediately went downstairs to start her coffee. She began to butter her toast only to be interrupted by the ring of the telephone. It was the vet, as they talked her eyes teared up ever so slightly and the butter melted on her toast. Like an agent on a mission, she funneled through city traffic to get to the vet’s. When she arrived at the door she took a deep breath that filled her with courage. She entered the door to say goodbye to Mr. Nubz.

This is my “Short Story with Random words and Animal(s)” writing assignment. The following were the words I was given: discharge, crack, burden, agent, baboon, racket, sexless, melt, funnel, and courage. I chose a cat for the animal because I felt my character, Isabelle Franklin, would best be able to relate to a cat. I just started typing and incorporated all the words as best I could.

Meet Ms. Isabelle Franklin!

For the character dossier assignment this week, I drew inspiration from a couple scientists I view as having noir qualities: Rosalind Franklin and Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton was a loner for most of his life. When he did come forward with his discoveries he was often ridiculed by the scientific community which made him often feel despair and hopelessness. Furthermore, his relationships with his family were very much strained because of his great dislike for his stepfather. These characteristics and experiences create a certain level of mystery for Isaac Newton, which I tried to use to create a similar effect for Isabelle Franklin.

I also pulled traits and experiences from Rosalind Franklin (note: the last name). Rosalind was fairly involved with many feminist issues yet was still very realistic. When her data was used without her permission by Watson and Crick, she recognized the reality of her situation. She could not retaliate and was therefore in a rather hopeless situation.

So without further ado, meet Isabelle Franklin;

Physical Description:
Isabelle Franklin is a short woman. She stands at about 5 feet tall. She is very much a plain Jane, dark brown hair always neatly pulled away from her face and pale blue eyes that always give her the appearance she’s uninterested. Constantly rushing around and often forgetting to eat, she is so petite she looks as though the wind could blow her away.

Isabelle Franklin was born in Notting Hill, London on Christmas Day in 1942. Her mother passed away when she was three years old. She has no recollection of her mother and holds onto a locket of her mother’s that her father later gave her. Her father became depressed after her mother’s passing, so when she turned four years old she moved to America to grow up with her Uncle and Aunt. Her Uncle and Aunt lived in a small apartment in New York. They were free spirited individuals and in that environment Isabelle was able to thrive in her studies. She went on to study science at the College of St. Rose in Albany and subsequently became a floor chemist  at Fisher Scientific. Despite a fairly happy childhood, Isabelle remains bitter that her father could not care for her and their relationship remains strained.

Personal Motto:
“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.” -Marie Curie