Cracking Open Jack’s Case: A Reflection

This week I focused on working on my case. I was assigned “You don’t know Jack.” This case is focused around helping Bond find out who this mysterious Jack character is.

I initially started out the week a little late due to personal conflicts. When I did get started I put out a poster asking for any information anyone had about Jack. I posted this on twitter and finally got a response from Jill. I will be meeting with her tonight to begin to unravel this mystery.

I also considered Burtis’ role in this whole matter. Bond was obviously concerned. But from what evidence I have seen, I am suspicious of Burtis but do not necessarily believe she is key in uncovering the mystery of Jack’s identity.

Finally made contact with Jill

Just this evening, a strange young woman named Jill made contact with me. She claimed to have some information on this Jack fellow. However, for protection of her she’s asked to meet in private. I plan to meet with her later this evening to find out all I can. Hopefully, I will be able to make contact and really progress forward in this Jack case.

I am eager to meet with Jill and hope she will provide useful insight in breaking through with the Jack case.

I have also been reviewing Burtis’ role, as Bond seems to be particularly suspicious of her. When I listened to the supposed call from her grandma, it seemed off. First, the level of disrespect was unbelievable. Also unbelievable was the voice used by the grandma. I suspect Burtis used her extensive background in Audacity to make a fake phone call. However, I do not necessarily believe that it was Jack who she made contact with. She’s hiding something but, I’m unsure what it is quite yet.

I don’t know Jack?

This week, I registered the Aconitum.Napellus for some sort of case. I figured it would be a good way to get the word out and build up my portfolio further. Soon after, I got a response from Martha Burtis. She said Bond was interested in getting further information about Jack. It’s been a long week already. A friend passed away suddenly and I had to report a pair of students for dishonest behavior. Unfortunately, these issues took priority for most of this week.

I finally made time to watch Bond’s video tonight. Countless things have gone on at his agency involving the … However,  someone who has nearly flown under the radar is some strange person named Jack. He appears to be somehow connected to all the strange occurrences in the last few months. Black had met with Jack and didn’t seem quite the same after; Jota was also contacted by Jack; Martha Burtis appeared to act very strange whenever he came up and also participated in a strange phone call. My first goal is to find out who Jack is so it may be possible to contact him and uncover what his role is.

Creation of Aconitum.Napellus

This week I began to set up my agency’s presence on the internet. So far, I have created a homepage, a staffpage, a page to contact us, a page containing my portfolio, a page for my blog, a page outlining our mission statement, and a page describing how the agency began. Visit the page here.

While right now, it may appear a little bland, I plan to continue to work on it over the next few weeks to add more content and create more interest in the page itself.

The maNOIRpulators: A Reflection

First off, I loved their group name. It’s so clever! The characters were really interesting and they way they came together was interesting. The male’s voice creeped me out so much though. It was really well done. I loved the sound effects. They were so on point and really made you feel like you were moving with the characters. The suspense built in the story right from the start. It then turned around as it was revealed that the femme fatales really may be fatal.

Some things I think could have been improved was the sound balancing- I kept having to turn my speakers up and down. Additionally, the bumper’s were placed such that I kept forgetting what was happening in the show.

In general, I really liked the show. It had some interesting twists and the story line was really good. The sound effects were really the cherry on top for me! So well done! This let the story really be told.