Jack=Found: A Reflection

This week I met with a young lady named Jill to discuss what she knew about Jack. She was incredibly helpful and with the help of her clues I was able to finally meet with Jack. I recorded our conversation to share with Bond to finally uncover what had happened.

Upon reflection, I decided to put photographs of my story on flickr to capture how I began this search, where it lead me, and finally how it ended.

And with that, we now know Jack. And it’s the end of one more week. 

Cracking Open Jack’s Case: A Reflection

This week I focused on working on my case. I was assigned “You don’t know Jack.” This case is focused around helping Bond find out who this mysterious Jack character is.

I initially started out the week a little late due to personal conflicts. When I did get started I put out a poster asking for any information anyone had about Jack. I posted this on twitter and finally got a response from Jill. I will be meeting with her tonight to begin to unravel this mystery.

I also considered Burtis’ role in this whole matter. Bond was obviously concerned. But from what evidence I have seen, I am suspicious of Burtis but do not necessarily believe she is key in uncovering the mystery of Jack’s identity.

Here we go again: A Reflection

This week felt almost like a reset. I began work to set up a brand new webpage for my agency. The webpage with all required (and some bonus pages) can be found here.

I completed 10.5 stars worth of assignments. I did 6 stars of web assignments (My Resume for 3 stars and How It All Began for 3 stars). I did 4.5 stars worth of design assignments and created a logo for my agency.

I also completed 2 daily creates: Saving Noddy and Umbrella photography.

I kept up with the work others were completing. I took a peak at Sylvia’s pinterest, Sylvia’s resume, Isabelle McIntosh’s storify, Isabelle McIntosh’s resume, Damon’s agency’s pinterest board, Sarah’s news article, Margaret’s license plate for her agency, Gambino De Luca’s webpage, Stirrup’s Wanted Poster, and detective Long’s resume.

And with that the week is finished!

The Jet-Lagged Week: A Reflection

This week was crazy, I flew in from Denver from a Chemistry conference on Thursday. I’ve been jet lagged and confused but have managed to get my work done!

I did 3 video assignments totaling 14.5 stars. I did the conversation with myself, the special person montage, and the 30 second documentary.I also completed the interview with Dr. Groom.

I did 3 daily creates: Tree Art, Fingerprint Art, and Talking to Strangers.

I’ve been more active this week on my twitter account, follow me!

I decided for my final unit I would prefer to work in a group. But, if necessary I can go solo.

I saw a lot of work by other people. I commented on 10 posts total: Amanda’s fingerprint art, Stella’s post about picking up Kelsey’s Daily Creates,  Stella’s choice to continue working with the characters in her radio group, Eden’s PSA, Edie’s A Day In The Life, responded to Lexy’s comment on my post criticizing me for my use of google images (how was I supposed to hold on to my family pictures for 70 years!?!), inquired about Shelley’s Interview video, saw Landon’s beautifully photoshopped tree art, encouraged Phillip’s group work, and saw a few more great daily creates by Amanda.

Here’s to miraculously getting this week done!


Lights, Camera, Action: A Reflection

First off I finished off the radio show requirements. I submitted my last radio listen reflection on the Vixen’s Ventures. Great work guys! I also submitted my final radio reflection on my show. I loved working with my group. They were truly fantastic and I loved the final product we created.

I then started getting into Video. I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious after reading the How to Read a Movie article. I also watched the three recommended videos. I started off my video assignments with the Silent Era trailer video assignment for 4.5 stars. I was planning to finish off my video assignments on Saturday but due to conflicts that came up with the conference we left for I was unable to. I’m hoping next week I’ll be able to catch up some.

I completed 1 daily create, the dream staircase assignment simply because I ran out of time this week.

I also submitted my character’s category on my blog to the website specified. Here’s the link again!

And here’s to another week down!

The Hodge-Podge: A Reflection

This week was a challenge just to keep all the assignments straight. So, let’s see if I can get all this in here.

I did two daily creates: the laugh out loud video and the create a lesson daily creates. I forgot to do a third day but I honestly feel the high quality work Aubrey and I put into our character assignments makes up for it.

I did 3 assignments: one visual for 4 stars (StoryMap), one written for 3 stars (Random Words and Animals), and one audio for 4 stars (Who Called?). These assignments contribute overall to the story we created about our two characters: Isabelle Franklin and Edie Waz. The collaboration overall went really well and I really like the final products that came out of it.

I found 4 posts that inspire me: one by Aubrey Howland, one by Amanda Layton, one by Megan Rosengrant, and one by Tiffany Yowell. I submitted these in the inspire page. It was overwhelming going through all the work that people had created and it would have been nice to have a little warning so I could have been noting posts that inspire me throughout the semester.

I listened to the radio show Wednesday night. Overall the shows were a lot of fun and pretty deadly. I reflected on the maNOIRpulators show on my blog.

I got my character set up on twitter, follow her! I also created a gmail for her, the address is ifranklin1942@gmail.com.

I commented on 10 posts this week. I thanked Aubrey for her post about how I inspired her, saw the post about Vinny looking for work, saw a great groom poster, saw a very impressive daily create about home, and saw two other really fun daily creates, browsed Tiffany’s 2 neat visual assignment for her character, And saw two other great posts about how other people in the class collaborated.

And I think that’s it for the hodge-podge that was this week! Can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

We’re Halfway There: A Reflection

I can’t believe it’s spring break and we’re already halfway through this semester. It feels like just yesterday I was struggling to set up my blog and learning how ds106 works.

This week we finished up our radio show. I got my parts done on Thursday and I was happy to get to spring break.

The commenting was again a good exercise this week. I commented on 10 posts. I got to see several daily creates this week. One of my favorites from this week was the 5 things that bring you joy. There were several really great videos that people made. The Potter poems and the 5 emoji story assignments were also a lot of fun. There’s definitely a lot of creativity in ds106. I kept up with the posts made by my group and commented on their work. I also commented on what other people were doing. It was interesting to see how other group’s were organizing themselves. I also found some really great radio ads that people had made for their show.

I personally only did two daily creates this week because towards the end I got caught up with other work and then caught up with spring break. I did the 5 things that bring me joy and potter poem.

And that’s all for this week! I’m still surprised we’re halfway through the semester. I’ve enjoyed this class so far and I’m curious to see what’s coming up next.

One Week Down; One Week To Go: A Reflection

It was a pretty stressful week, starting with picking groups. I had no idea how it was going to work out but it seems to be going alright so far! The big things for next week are going to be getting everything into script form and then finally recording and editing. Which seems like a lot but hopefully the ideas are there enough to just bust it out.

Next up for this week was getting through all the audio assignments. I did mostly assignments based around my character this week (a total of 9 stars). I started with 1.5 stars doing the poetry assignment, then did the dramatic reading remix for 3.5 stars, next I made Isabelle’s theme song for 4 stars, finally, I ended on an easy one- the quote a day for 1.5 stars. These were challenging- I’m definitely not a confident audio editor.

Next up were the assignments specifically related to the radio project. I created a logo for our radio show: Get A Clue. I also posted my update for the week fairly early on.

Last but certainly not least, I kept up with other student’s posts on the noir106 page. This was really hard for me just because I was balancing doing this with getting my assignments done and keeping up with twitter. It was also hard to get ahead on because  so few people post early on in the week. I got to see some cool stuff though such as tune squads bumper sticker, noir buzz’s bumper sticker,  a creative coffee stain clock, and the House of Noir logo. I got to read one of my group member’s reflection on our group formation. I listened to Lawrence’s theme song (which really inspired me, an audio assignment about the emotion of surprise, a bird call assignment for the character Sylvia, a shocking ad for Kill4Love, and a spooky ambience.

And with that the first week of the radio show is done!

The Photoshop Rush: A Reflection

This week was tough. I had two major exams in two really hard classes (instrumental analysis and physical chemistry aka what happens when physics calculus and chemistry have a baby). I put off my work for ds106 because I knew it would not majorly impact my grade in this class as much as it would my other classes. I definitely have no idea how people cram everything in on Sunday. It’s just about impossible to do it between Saturday and Sunday and doing everything Sunday is 100% insane.

I tried to keep up with my daily creates throughout the week simply because I knew they were a small time commitment. I chose to do three: Draw a David…that David, What’s Your Superpower?, and Play with your food.

Once Saturday rolled around I started on the hardwork. I read vignelli’s design pamphlet and reflected on it. I then went on to reading about copyright law and actually had a surprising amount to say about it. I honestly did not have time to watch one of the movies. I had planned to watch Blade Runner but just ran out of time to watch it and write a quality reflection.

I did 13 stars worth of design assignments. 7 of which were dedicated to my character, Isabelle Franklin. For Isabelle Franklin, I did the autobiography cover for 2 stars, the minimalize your philosophy poster for 2.5 stars, and the One Story/ Four Icons design project for 2.5 stars. The final project I did for 4.5 stars was a doozy. It was the professor groom poster but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Lastly was the design blitz which I almost forgot to do. But, I had been pretty good about keeping up with taking pictures throughout the week. The last step was just putting it all together and deciding the important attributes within each design.

It was a crazy weekend of ds106 and I’m exhausted but happy I was able to get a majority of it done!

Not today, Audacity: A Reflection

Here I am wrapping up audio week. At the start of the week I was very nervous. Audio terrifies me and I have little to no experience with it. I started out the week just by learning about noir radio and reflection on my past experiences with audio. Even after learning more about it, I was still a little apprehensive about the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, I participated in the radio tweet-along. I enjoyed the story alright but the best part was really just having the opportunity to get to know the other students in the class. There’s definitely a lot of personalities that I have not had the chance to interact with. I also became a little more comfortable commenting and interacting with others on the internet.

I then started on my audio assignments for the week and got familiar with audacity. The first assignment I did was the required sound effects story assignment for 3.5 stars. This was really my introduction and test run with audacity. The next assignment I chose to do was the Radio Bumper that counted for no stars. This was where I started to get a little more creative with my use of audacity and started playing more with effects. I finished off two more audio assignments including emotion through sound for three stars where I chose stress because of how reflective it was of my life right now and can’t get it out of my head for two stars which allowed me the opportunity to experiment with recording audio. This brought my total up to 8.5 stars for the week.

I also started brainstorming for the midterm assignment we have coming up in a couple weeks. I based my idea primarily around Chronicle of a Death Foretold and its noir elements. I’m excited to see how the radio project will begin to develop over the next few weeks.

I also completed two daily creates this week. Normally, I would have preferred to do more but I honestly was pretty stressed and didn’t want to kill myself with a crazy workload this week. I did the cute puppy alert and the I’m sorry assignments. These were both a lot of fun and I was really happy with what I created.

All in all it was a pretty good week for digital storytelling. I learned a lot about audio editing. It also really made me appreciate the “learn-by-doing” style of this class. There are few other classes where you’re given the opportunity to try something out on your own and really experiment to learn how to use it. And now, I’m done with audio week!