Five things that bring me joy!

I really loved today’s daily create assignment. I spent more time on it than I usually would just because I liked the assignment. The five things that bring me joy are high jump (my main event in track), hurdles (my “secondary” event in track), my water-loving cat Monty, my ridiculous dog, Luigi, and my other cat, Scampy. I dug through my phone to find any videos or whatnot I had of them. I uploaded them to my google drive and then imported them into iMovie. I added over Florence and the Machine’s song “You’ve got the Love.”

9 thoughts on “Five things that bring me joy!

  1. This is so great! I didn’t know you did track… man I need to step up my game! Also- fun fact- one of my favorite artists is Florence and the Machine. I’m not sure if she’s one of your favorite artists or not but I thought it was a happy coincidence : D

  2. I liked the videos you used for this Daily Create! The track event ones were cool to watch and I liked the perspective. Also your pets are very cute, and I love how one of the cats scared your dog. I think the song fit well with all of the clips since these things bring you joy because you love them. Nicely done.

  3. This is so very well put together! Each video flowed to the next very easily and I really liked the camera angle you used for the video of you jumping hurdles. Really cool :)

  4. I really love your video especially your water-loving cat, Monty, so cut!!! :) Also, putting background music made me to focus on to your video. I missed this assignment, I should’ve done this one! Really nice job!

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