An Egg a Day…

This week one of our required assignments was to do the Sound Effects Story Audio Assignment for 3.5 stars. I had a lot of fun with this one. It was the first thing I did when I downloaded audacity. I know the digital knowledge center is a great resource and if I really do get stuck I plan on using it but so far I really feel like I’ve learned a lot by struggling through. It’s rewarding once I figure it out and I know I won’t forget it once I finally do. Audacity is definitely an adjustment but I’m happy with my first creation and I know they’re just going to get better throughout the week!

I am still working on developing Isabelle Franklin as a fully realized character. For this assignment, I tried to create a story that would be both easily recognizable but also show a certain level of routine that Isabelle adheres to. She’s stuck in her ways and not really trying to change that very much. She’s focused. Besides, that egg is so filling it’s no wonder she forgets to eat later in the day. I really liked the way the transition from waking up to moving to the kitchen occurs. You hear the footsteps descending down the stairs and then as if you’re teleported into another room you hear the door open. The silence between effects I think also emphasizes the fact that Isabelle is a bit of a lone wolf.  Her house is quiet but she’s content to be eating her egg for breakfast by herself.

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