Edie and Isabelle’s Trip!

This week I had the pleasure of working with Aubrey Howland. We decided to knock out two assignments: a writing one which actually describes in depth what our visual assignment depicts.

The visual assignment we chose to do was the Story Map for 4 stars. Check it out here!

Our story is based around our two characters: Edie and Isabelle Franklin. Edie is a bar tender with murderous tendencies and Isabelle is a scientist who’s just trying to make things right in the world even though she goes about it the wrong ways.

We tried to figure out how the two characters would interact if they actually met and go from there. They took issue with the way Prince Jasper treated his people and Andorra and travelled there to set the record straight.

Most of the pictures for the word map were found on google. Most are the actual images of the places Edie and Isabelle travelled to or are representative of the people Edie encountered as the trip occurs from her perspective.

4 thoughts on “Edie and Isabelle’s Trip!

  1. I really like this post because Jonathan and I also worked on this together. This is definitely one of those projects that allows students to work together in a collaborative way!

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