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Get a Clue


This week for the design project I tried to go fairly minimalist. I really like the minimalist designs in general because I feel like they’re cleaner and just as powerful if not more so. I took the title of our show “Get a Clue” and started racking my brain for how I could possibly convey this. I decided to go with a magnifying glass. I chose to put a fingerprint in the magnifying glass to serve as a clue. In the magnifying glass I also put the title of our show. I tried to make it stand out. I put emphasis on the clue because I think it’s the most important word in our title. I put it in the Chalkduster font to give it a little sense of mystery and also make it catch the eye more.

8 thoughts on “Get A Clue: Design Project

  1. I really like this! I struggled last week with design assignments involving text. It’s sometimes hard to make the image not look like a text box was just stuck on top of the photo, but your text here really blends well with the design. I also love the detail of the fingerprint and the cool effect on the word “Clue.” Both things really make the picture stand out to me. Great work!

  2. This is a very well designed poster! One thing though- the fonts used for “Get a” and “Clue’ are very similar- it would be easier on the eyes if you made the black text either the same font or very different. Something bold and blocky would work well, I think.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Literally I love everything about it. Especially how you made clue pop out by using the color. This is really great though and I can’t wait to see how our show is going to turn out!! :)

  4. I really love your idea. Putting fingerprint under the magnifying glass, and different color for ‘Get’ and ‘Clue’, give really strong focal point.

  5. I’m with Jonathan, Text in design can be tricky, but you nail it here. I also like that that design forces the viewer to do more work. What should they get a clue about? What is this design referring to? Etc. In many ways the form represents the content you want them to seek—it’s the power of design to pull out a reaction in your audience to make them dig deeper. Good work. What did you do this with? GIMP? Photoshop? Something else? Be sure to narrate that part of things.

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