Isabelle’s Quote to Live By

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 9.42.54 PMAnother assignment I chose to do was Minimalize Your Philosophy poster for 2.5 stars. I chose to use the quote that I also used on my book cover because it’s a great quote to live by for Isabelle Franklin. It was one of the original quotes I mentioned when beginning to outline who Isabelle Franklin is. The quote is by Marie Curie, one of the most incredible female researchers. Her work means a lot to Isabelle just as this quote does. I had a really hard time coming up with what I wanted to do with in the poster to simply convey the quote. Suddenly it clicked. I wanted to use a person’s silhouette with a thought bubble above the person that contained the quote. When searching through silhouette’s I decided it was important to pay tribute to both my character, Isabelle Franklin, and Marie Curie. I found a quote bubble that fit well with the silhouette I selected and then I put in the quote. I debated between putting the font in white or making it a color to make it pop. I tried both out and decided I liked the white better. I then went through the painful process of selecting a font I actually like. The one I finally chose was in italics and I chose to bold the word “ideas” in order to place more emphasis on the word as it’s the most important thought in the quote.

3 thoughts on “Isabelle’s Quote to Live By

  1. Nice outcome and great that it is tied to your character.

    A few feedback critical friend items:
    -For viewing it would be nice to be able to see it larger either in the post or if when clicked it went to a larger view.
    – Fonts, you are right you can spend hours! I like the italicized and understand the bold feature of the word ideas – but if you hadn’t mentioned that in your narrative I would have missed it and the emphasis and meaning. I know you carefully chose black and white. Did you try bold and a hint of color in the word ideas to see what that might do to the design aspect?

    • Kathy, thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!
      I’ll definitely keep the sizing in mind for future posts. It’s been a little tricky finding a balance in my posts.
      I tried playing with color to emphasize the ideas but I found it a little distracting and didn’t overall like the effect.

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