Isabelle’s Theme Song

Earlier this week, I tried to do a theme song for Isabelle¬†for 4 stars. I ran into some copyright issues and thought I guess I just shouldn’t do this… But I still felt really inspired by the incredible job Tiffany, one of my group member’s, did with her character’s theme song so I decided I’m going to try again! I also thought it might be possible to work it in with our radio show so I decided to go for it!

Soundcloud is currently processing it so hopefully I won’t run in to the same issues as I did earlier this week. I chose to mostly pull from Lana Del Ray’s album “Born to Die.” The intros to her songs have beautiful instrumentation at the beginning. I felt the opening of her song “Born to Die” captured Isabelle’s mature nature and taste. I then also used the opening of “Video Games [Joy Orbison Remix]” to create a sense of rushing that accompanies Isabelle as she rushes betweens labs to get her work done. I then used several sounds from I found one longer bubbling sound that I overlaid most of the audio with. I used an explosion in the beginning to immediately catch people’s attention and contrast with the instrumental parts that play. Finally, I added another more vigorous bubbling sound. I used fade in and fade out effects to introduce different portions of the theme song. I also adjusted the volume of the various clips so that the sound is well balanced and certain parts wouldn’t dominate too much.

One thought on “Isabelle’s Theme Song

  1. I really like the theme song you made. The explosion at the beginning was a great idea! It definitely gained by attention and I knew something was about to start. I also really like the beat in the middle (the one that comes in at around 9-10s) and overlaps with the bubbling noise. Its very cool!

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