Just Around the Riverbend: A Dramatic Reading (REMIX)

This week one of the possible audio assignments was to a dramatic reading remix for 3.5 stars. I wanted to do this one again about my character, Isabelle. I tried to find a song she could potentially relate to and then make it even more dramatic. She’s a very naturally curious person so my first thoughts were pretty basic: Mr. Curiosity by Jason Mraz and Curiosity by Carly Rae Jepson. When I looked further into the lyrics they’re both extremely romanticized and that’s not really what Isabelle’s focus is. Her interests lie more in pursuit of knowledge, not getting a boyfriend. I poked around the internet further and found Pocahontas’ “Just Around the Riverbend” to be perfect. I cut out one line that was very specific to the movie (her marrying Kocoum) because it doesn’t really relate to Isabelle. Finally, I found some instrumental music on sound cloud and paired it up with my reading of the song (I’ve run into some issues with soundcloud and copyright recently). It lined beautifully to create a call and effect feel. The music ends just before the reading cuts off and creates emphasis on the riverbend and therefore the unknown.

2 thoughts on “Just Around the Riverbend: A Dramatic Reading (REMIX)

  1. This sounds beautiful! I loved the instrumental you put behind it. This was the perfect song choice for this assignment.

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