Saving Professor Groom

saving professor groom

Here is my final 4.5 star design assignment for the week! I chose to do the Professor Groom poster. The idea initially came to me when watching this week’s video giving us our assignments. I immediately thought of saving private ryan. Initially I wanted to photoshop each of the major player’s heads into place of the soldiers in the movie. When things weren’t working out I chose to go in a different direction and have portions of their torsos integrated into the picture and have them connected to show a sense of unity between the four. I tried to use a similar font and mimic the way the movie poster was originally designed. I’m really pleased with how it came out, however, I definitely wish I had more time with photoshop to perfect it. While professor groom is not technically in the picture I think overall it captures the mood in this week’s video and takes it in better direction.

5 thoughts on “Saving Professor Groom

  1. Nice adaptation. The size of the figures gives a definite feel because it goes opposite of perspective with the larger figures in the back. Not sure if that was intentional or not from your write up – but I like the effect.

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