The Hodge-Podge: A Reflection

This week was a challenge just to keep all the assignments straight. So, let’s see if I can get all this in here.

I did two daily creates: the laugh out loud video and the create a lesson daily creates. I forgot to do a third day but I honestly feel the high quality work Aubrey and I put into our character assignments makes up for it.

I did 3 assignments: one visual for 4 stars (StoryMap), one written for 3 stars (Random Words and Animals), and one audio for 4 stars (Who Called?). These assignments contribute overall to the story we created about our two characters: Isabelle Franklin and Edie Waz. The collaboration overall went really well and I really like the final products that came out of it.

I found 4 posts that inspire me: one by Aubrey Howland, one by Amanda Layton, one by Megan Rosengrant, and one by Tiffany Yowell. I submitted these in the inspire page. It was overwhelming going through all the work that people had created and it would have been nice to have a little warning so I could have been noting posts that inspire me throughout the semester.

I listened to the radio show Wednesday night. Overall the shows were a lot of fun and pretty deadly. I reflected on the maNOIRpulators show on my blog.

I got my character set up on twitter, follow her! I also created a gmail for her, the address is

I commented on 10 posts this week. I thanked Aubrey for her post about how I inspired her, saw the post about Vinny looking for work, saw a great groom poster, saw a very impressive daily create about home, and saw two other really fun daily creates, browsed Tiffany’s 2 neat visual assignment for her character, And saw two other great posts about how other people in the class collaborated.

And I think that’s it for the hodge-podge that was this week! Can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

Inspired: Tiffany’s Radio Bumper

I had to include this as one of my inspired posts because I love Tiffany‘s audio work. She did an incredible job putting our radio show together. What first inspired me about Tiffany’s work, however, was hearing her radio bumper the first time I did my radio tweet-along. It sounded professionally done and really pushed me to try to get to that level in my audio assignments.

Inspired: Shut up Tom

This week I collaborated with Aubrey Howland for our character collaboration project. We ended up creating a story and she’s really great to work with. While looking through her blog, this post really jumped out at me. This post really inspires me because I saw this assignment and it definitely intimidated me but Aubrey nailed it! It was simple but also felt very inviting and gave insight to the dinner table at Aubrey’s house.

Inspired: Where’s Groom?

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.27.28 AM

I love this visual assignment created by Amanda Layton! I regularly see the work she posts on the noir106 feed and I think it’s really fantastic. I liked this post because it was a clever way to tie into the events that occurred in that week’s weekly video. It’s simple and entertaining. The font chosen adds a sense of concern and confusion that overlaid with the where’s waldo page looks great!

Edie and Isabelle’s Trip!

This week I had the pleasure of working with Aubrey Howland. We decided to knock out two assignments: a writing one which actually describes in depth what our visual assignment depicts.

The visual assignment we chose to do was the Story Map for 4 stars. Check it out here!

Our story is based around our two characters: Edie and Isabelle Franklin. Edie is a bar tender with murderous tendencies and Isabelle is a scientist who’s just trying to make things right in the world even though she goes about it the wrong ways.

We tried to figure out how the two characters would interact if they actually met and go from there. They took issue with the way Prince Jasper treated his people and Andorra and travelled there to set the record straight.

Most of the pictures for the word map were found on google. Most are the actual images of the places Edie and Isabelle travelled to or are representative of the people Edie encountered as the trip occurs from her perspective.

The maNOIRpulators: A Reflection

First off, I loved their group name. It’s so clever! The characters were really interesting and they way they came together was interesting. The male’s voice creeped me out so much though. It was really well done. I loved the sound effects. They were so on point and really made you feel like you were moving with the characters. The suspense built in the story right from the start. It then turned around as it was revealed that the femme fatales really may be fatal.

Some things I think could have been improved was the sound balancing- I kept having to turn my speakers up and down. Additionally, the bumper’s were placed such that I kept forgetting what was happening in the show.

In general, I really liked the show. It had some interesting twists and the story line was really good. The sound effects were really the cherry on top for me! So well done! This let the story really be told.

We’re Halfway There: A Reflection

I can’t believe it’s spring break and we’re already halfway through this semester. It feels like just yesterday I was struggling to set up my blog and learning how ds106 works.

This week we finished up our radio show. I got my parts done on Thursday and I was happy to get to spring break.

The commenting was again a good exercise this week. I commented on 10 posts. I got to see several daily creates this week. One of my favorites from this week was the 5 things that bring you joy. There were several really great videos that people made. The Potter poems and the 5 emoji story assignments were also a lot of fun. There’s definitely a lot of creativity in ds106. I kept up with the posts made by my group and commented on their work. I also commented on what other people were doing. It was interesting to see how other group’s were organizing themselves. I also found some really great radio ads that people had made for their show.

I personally only did two daily creates this week because towards the end I got caught up with other work and then caught up with spring break. I did the 5 things that bring me joy and potter poem.

And that’s all for this week! I’m still surprised we’re halfway through the semester. I’ve enjoyed this class so far and I’m curious to see what’s coming up next.

Radio Show Update!

This week was a busy one. I wrote my character’s monologue for our radio show. We put together the whole script in a google doc. I got my portion recorded and edited on Thursday night. I uploaded it to SoundCloud and then Tiffany put the whole thing together!

Below, is the final product! Tiffany did an awesome job to putting it together. And everyone else’s parts sounded great! Definitely proud of the work we did!

Five things that bring me joy!

I really loved today’s daily create assignment. I spent more time on it than I usually would just because I liked the assignment. The five things that bring me joy are high jump (my main event in track), hurdles (my “secondary” event in track), my water-loving cat Monty, my ridiculous dog, Luigi, and my other cat, Scampy. I dug through my phone to find any videos or whatnot I had of them. I uploaded them to my google drive and then imported them into iMovie. I added over Florence and the Machine’s song “You’ve got the Love.”