Got Clues? A Radio Update

This week started out with complete panic for me. I don’t really know anybody in this class in real life and the only people I’ve had much interaction are the people that participated in the tweet-alongs. So needless to say, I was pretty nervous to find a group. I definitely didn’t want to be added to a random one because, honestly, you never know how that’s going to go. And then I saw a tweet that saved the day:

I had sort of “met” Megan through the first tweet-along. Our initial chat quickly expanded to include 4 other people and so far it’s been going really well!

Tiffany is incredible with audio work, she’s already started working on a bumper and it sounds great!

Erin’s started on a design promo and it’s super cute!

Most of our work is going on via google docs. We’ve gotten a plan for what our radio show is about, which ads we want to include and now the next major steps are to start making those ads and writing a script for the actual story, which hopefully won’t be too hard!

2 thoughts on “Got Clues? A Radio Update

  1. Thanks for the compliment :) You’re really great at designing too!!! I’m glad we all found our way together and made our group. I was scared I was going to be the one without a group too so don’t feel bad!

  2. What an awesome narrative of how the “isolation” of an online class can quicjly form into a creative crew of folks that make something awesome. I am really looking forward to what you all make.

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