Vixen’s Ventures: A Listen

The intro to the show was very cool. The audio work they did was truly impressive. The sound effects were so incredibly realistic and well done. I loved listening to all the layers they made. Knowing how long editing takes the sheer amount of work done is impressive.

I also like how they took the show a different way and made it comedic as opposed to most of the other noir radio shows which were more death death and oh some more death. The advertisements added to the fun factor of this radio show. They were well done and really cute. I loved the old-timey feel they gave too!

I did wish that the voices were heard a little more clearly over the background music and noises (particularly in the beginning) because it was a little difficult to understand the dialogue sometimes. And I think the placement of ads could have been a little more well thought out because I got really confused about what was happening in the story.

All and all, I think the Vixen’s Ventures did an amazing job and had a ton of work to show for what they did. It was a lot of fun to listen to! I loved that they took their show a different way and were very successful in doing so!

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