Finally made contact with Jill

Just this evening, a strange young woman named Jill made contact with me. She claimed to have some information on this Jack fellow. However, for protection of her she’s asked to meet in private. I plan to meet with her later this evening to find out all I can. Hopefully, I will be able to make contact and really progress forward in this Jack case.

I am eager to meet with Jill and hope she will provide useful insight in breaking through with the Jack case.

I have also been reviewing Burtis’ role, as Bond seems to be particularly suspicious of her. When I listened to the supposed call from her grandma, it seemed off. First, the level of disrespect was unbelievable. Also unbelievable was the voice used by the grandma. I suspect Burtis used her extensive background in Audacity to make a fake phone call. However, I do not necessarily believe that it was Jack who she made contact with. She’s hiding something but, I’m unsure what it is quite yet.

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