The maNOIRpulators: A Reflection

First off, I loved their group name. It’s so clever! The characters were really interesting and they way they came together was interesting. The male’s voice creeped me out so much though. It was really well done. I loved the sound effects. They were so on point and really made you feel like you were moving with the characters. The suspense built in the story right from the start. It then turned around as it was revealed that the femme fatales really may be fatal.

Some things I think could have been improved was the sound balancing- I kept having to turn my speakers up and down. Additionally, the bumper’s were placed such that I kept forgetting what was happening in the show.

In general, I really liked the show. It had some interesting twists and the story line was really good. The sound effects were really the cherry on top for me! So well done! This let the story really be told.

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