Here we go again: A Reflection

This week felt almost like a reset. I began work to set up a brand new webpage for my agency. The webpage with all required (and some bonus pages) can be found here.

I completed 10.5 stars worth of assignments. I did 6 stars of web assignments (My Resume for 3 stars and How It All Began for 3 stars). I did 4.5 stars worth of design assignments and created a logo for my agency.

I also completed 2 daily creates: Saving Noddy and Umbrella photography.

I kept up with the work others were completing. I took a peak at Sylvia’s pinterest, Sylvia’s resume, Isabelle McIntosh’s storify, Isabelle McIntosh’s resume, Damon’s agency’s pinterest board, Sarah’s news article, Margaret’s license plate for her agency, Gambino De Luca’s webpage, Stirrup’s Wanted Poster, and detective Long’s resume.

And with that the week is finished!

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