One Week Down; One Week To Go: A Reflection

It was a pretty stressful week, starting with picking groups. I had no idea how it was going to work out but it seems to be going alright so far! The big things for next week are going to be getting everything into script form and then finally recording and editing. Which seems like a lot but hopefully the ideas are there enough to just bust it out.

Next up for this week was getting through all the audio assignments. I did mostly assignments based around my character this week (a total of 9 stars). I started with 1.5 stars doing the poetry assignment, then did the dramatic reading remix for 3.5 stars, next I made Isabelle’s theme song for 4 stars, finally, I ended on an easy one- the quote a day for 1.5 stars. These were challenging- I’m definitely not a confident audio editor.

Next up were the assignments specifically related to the radio project. I created a logo for our radio show: Get A Clue. I also posted my update for the week fairly early on.

Last but certainly not least, I kept up with other student’s posts on the noir106 page. This was really hard for me just because I was balancing doing this with getting my assignments done and keeping up with twitter. It was also hard to get ahead on because  so few people post early on in the week. I got to see some cool stuff though such as tune squads bumper sticker, noir buzz’s bumper sticker,  a creative coffee stain clock, and the House of Noir logo. I got to read one of my group member’s reflection on our group formation. I listened to Lawrence’s theme song (which really inspired me, an audio assignment about the emotion of surprise, a bird call assignment for the character Sylvia, a shocking ad for Kill4Love, and a spooky ambience.

And with that the first week of the radio show is done!

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