The Hodge-Podge: A Reflection

This week was a challenge just to keep all the assignments straight. So, let’s see if I can get all this in here.

I did two daily creates: the laugh out loud video and the create a lesson daily creates. I forgot to do a third day but I honestly feel the high quality work Aubrey and I put into our character assignments makes up for it.

I did 3 assignments: one visual for 4 stars (StoryMap), one written for 3 stars (Random Words and Animals), and one audio for 4 stars (Who Called?). These assignments contribute overall to the story we created about our two characters: Isabelle Franklin and Edie Waz. The collaboration overall went really well and I really like the final products that came out of it.

I found 4 posts that inspire me: one by Aubrey Howland, one by Amanda Layton, one by Megan Rosengrant, and one by Tiffany Yowell. I submitted these in the inspire page. It was overwhelming going through all the work that people had created and it would have been nice to have a little warning so I could have been noting posts that inspire me throughout the semester.

I listened to the radio show Wednesday night. Overall the shows were a lot of fun and pretty deadly. I reflected on the maNOIRpulators show on my blog.

I got my character set up on twitter, follow her! I also created a gmail for her, the address is

I commented on 10 posts this week. I thanked Aubrey for her post about how I inspired her, saw the post about Vinny looking for work, saw a great groom poster, saw a very impressive daily create about home, and saw two other really fun daily creates, browsed Tiffany’s 2 neat visual assignment for her character, And saw two other great posts about how other people in the class collaborated.

And I think that’s it for the hodge-podge that was this week! Can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

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