The Jet-Lagged Week: A Reflection

This week was crazy, I flew in from Denver from a Chemistry conference on Thursday. I’ve been jet lagged and confused but have managed to get my work done!

I did 3 video assignments totaling 14.5 stars. I did the conversation with myself, the special person montage, and the 30 second documentary.I also completed the interview with Dr. Groom.

I did 3 daily creates: Tree Art, Fingerprint Art, and Talking to Strangers.

I’ve been more active this week on my twitter account, follow me!

I decided for my final unit I would prefer to work in a group. But, if necessary I can go solo.

I saw a lot of work by other people. I commented on 10 posts total: Amanda’s fingerprint art, Stella’s post about picking up Kelsey’s Daily Creates,  Stella’s choice to continue working with the characters in her radio group, Eden’s PSA, Edie’s A Day In The Life, responded to Lexy’s comment on my post criticizing me for my use of google images (how was I supposed to hold on to my family pictures for 70 years!?!), inquired about Shelley’s Interview video, saw Landon’s beautifully photoshopped tree art, encouraged Phillip’s group work, and saw a few more great daily creates by Amanda.

Here’s to miraculously getting this week done!


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