The Photoshop Rush: A Reflection

This week was tough. I had two major exams in two really hard classes (instrumental analysis and physical chemistry aka what happens when physics calculus and chemistry have a baby). I put off my work for ds106 because I knew it would not majorly impact my grade in this class as much as it would my other classes. I definitely have no idea how people cram everything in on Sunday. It’s just about impossible to do it between Saturday and Sunday and doing everything Sunday is 100% insane.

I tried to keep up with my daily creates throughout the week simply because I knew they were a small time commitment. I chose to do three: Draw a David…that David, What’s Your Superpower?, and Play with your food.

Once Saturday rolled around I started on the hardwork. I read vignelli’s design pamphlet and reflected on it. I then went on to reading about copyright law and actually had a surprising amount to say about it. I honestly did not have time to watch one of the movies. I had planned to watch Blade Runner but just ran out of time to watch it and write a quality reflection.

I did 13 stars worth of design assignments. 7 of which were dedicated to my character, Isabelle Franklin. For Isabelle Franklin, I did the autobiography cover for 2 stars, the minimalize your philosophy poster for 2.5 stars, and the One Story/ Four Icons design project for 2.5 stars. The final project I did for 4.5 stars was a doozy. It was the professor groom poster but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Lastly was the design blitz which I almost forgot to do. But, I had been pretty good about keeping up with taking pictures throughout the week. The last step was just putting it all together and deciding the important attributes within each design.

It was a crazy weekend of ds106 and I’m exhausted but happy I was able to get a majority of it done!

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