We’re Halfway There: A Reflection

I can’t believe it’s spring break and we’re already halfway through this semester. It feels like just yesterday I was struggling to set up my blog and learning how ds106 works.

This week we finished up our radio show. I got my parts done on Thursday and I was happy to get to spring break.

The commenting was again a good exercise this week. I commented on 10 posts. I got to see several daily creates this week. One of my favorites from this week was the 5 things that bring you joy. There were several really great videos that people made. The Potter poems¬†and the 5 emoji story assignments¬†were also a lot of fun. There’s definitely a lot of creativity in ds106. I kept up with the posts made by my group and commented on their work. I also commented on what other people were doing. It was interesting to see how other group’s were organizing themselves. I also found some really great radio ads that people had made for their show.

I personally only did two daily creates this week because towards the end I got caught up with other work and then caught up with spring break. I did the 5 things that bring me joy and potter poem.

And that’s all for this week! I’m still surprised we’re halfway through the semester. I’ve enjoyed this class so far and I’m curious to see what’s coming up next.

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